Homerun Hire

Orlando hit my case out of the park. He had an answer for everything the other attorney argued and the judge sided with us on everything. Will go back to Orlando if I ever need any legal help again!



Mr.Kell represented me in a child custody case. He was extremely accurate making sure he did not leave out one single detail. He walked me through every step and truly made this stressful time in my life less stressful. Maria, his assistant, is also very knowledgable and I never felt mislead. I had given up on good work ethic and customer service until working with them! No bogus charges, and his rates are extremely reasonable. Orlando Kell is a beast and you should not think twice about having him represent you!



This guy was a total bulldog in court for me. And he didn’t gouge me with outrageous fees.


Awesome Person!

Mr. Kell kindly took time out of his schedule to answer a question I had posted on the website. It was very informative and valuable information! Upon further inquiring, Mr. Kell continued to make himself available to provide me with the tools and resources that I needed….AND, he did so out of the kindness of his heart! In my opinion, this makes him a very personable and caring individual – as well as a great attorney. If he was a local attorney here in the Dallas area – I’d hire him in a heartbeat! He is the epitome of authenticity and kindness.


I came to Orlando needing out of a bad written agreement I had made with the father of my kids. Orlando got me out of it and even got me primary custody and full child support.


5 out of 5!

Mr. Kell got me out of a terrible situation and terrible custody arrangement that I had been compelled to agree to by my ex. So happy with his services!!!


Superior attorney

Mr. Kell was referred to me by two different friends. I was in a very difficult situation regarding my ex-wife and kids and he fought for me every step of the way. In the end my ex-wife finally caved and we reached settlement terms that I don’t think I ever could have gotten with another attorney. If you want a lawyer who will truly go to bat for you Orlando is your guy.

Jerry S.


My wife and I went to see Mr. Kell for a contested modification. We were ready to hire him on the spot but after he examined our case, he told us he didn’t believe hiring him would be worth the money. He gave us specific instructions and guidance for us handling the rest of our case pro se. What a life saver!!! Thank you for your integrity and compassion Mr. Kell.


Divorce and Custody Case

Kell Law firm took on my Divorce case and made sure that they took care of getting me a fair judgment when it was all said and done with. I was afraid that I was going to be charged outrages fees, but the Kell firm communicated everything upfront and kept their word on what the total cost of the case would approximately come out too. I would recommend that anyone looking for a Divorce or Custody lawyer call Kell Law firm prior to retaining a lawyer. I guarantee, after you talk with Mr. Kell, you will know that he will do everything in his power to get you the outcome you are seeking or a fair outcome at a fair price.