Strong Advocacy In Custody And Visitation Issues

Disputes over child custody and visitation are emotional and difficult because the decisions have a huge impact on the future. Child custody and visitation often are the main disputes between parents who have separated. Courts do not automatically grant custody to the mother, which means custody and visitation require negotiation.

I advocate strongly for my clients during negotiations over parental rights and parenting plans.

How Are Custody And Visitation Decided?

Few people know the specifics of custody and visitation and how a judge is likely to rule on those issues.

When considering custody issues, the court looks at multiple factors. The primary concern is always the child’s best interests. When determining best interests, the court can examine many variables, including:

  • The parents’ health (both mental and physical)
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by the parents
  • History of domestic violence
  • Future opportunities for interaction with extended family
  • Children’s need for a home environment that is stable

Depending on the children’s ages, the court will consider their preferences.

My Approach To Custody And Visitation

People often ask me what my approach is to custody and visitation rights. Typically, people want to know how “aggressive” I am.

As an attorney, my approach to custody and visitation depends on what my client wants. If my client wants sole custody, then I will be more aggressive in my arguments. In other situations, I will rely more heavily on the law and argue how the law is on my clients’ side. Above all else, I am focused on reaching sensible, workable solutions that meet my clients’ immediate and long-term needs.

How To Contact Me

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